Review: SocialCaptain AI-Powered Instagram Automation App for following, unfollowing, liking & commenting

Product Name: Social Captain AI-Powered Instagram App


Product Creator: The dev team at SocialCaptain

Price: SocialCaptain has 3 packages for organic, real and targeted growth for your Instagram account. Guaranteed growth, plus smart automation, real-time results, live analytics

  • 7 DAYS – $15 per week(7 days)
  • 30 DAYS – $39 per month(30 days)
  • TURBO – $99 per month(30 days)

Supercharged growth. Up to 10x more followers, engagement and more.

Everything from above, plus you get 10 times the Speed, SmartGrowth™ AI–Optimization and dedicated support.

Recommended?: Highly recommended

What is SocialCaptain?

First of all, Social Captain is a fairly new Instagram automation tool.

There are a lot out there and competition for these tools grows by the day.

There are pure bot solutions as well as service-based solutions where people manage accounts on behalf of the user for growing their Instagram account.

The point is, consumers and businesses have options.

What does SocialCaptain look like?

Who should use SocialCaptain?

Influencers, Bloggers, Affiliate Marketers and other businesses looking to build an audience quickly and efficiently in an automated way and generate traffic. 

What can SocialCaptain do?

SocialCaptain offers all of the features you would expect from an Instagram automation app.

The reason that Social Captain seems to be growing so fast I believe is that they’re using an AI-powered growth module that acts like a real user is doing the work on your account.

This to me is huge because if you look and act like a bot, your efforts could actually backfire on you, get you shadowbanned or even worse, get your account shut down.

Not good…

What is AI-Optimization?

The AI-Optimization module uses the full power of machine learning to automatically improve your account’s results with every execution.

When the AI-Optimization module is enabled, the platform will learn from your account’s past actions, conversions and existing followers, and automatically optimize future activity, to maximize your conversions and more precisely target your desired audience.

AI-Optimization is enabled by default on the Turbo Planand requires no extra setup. The module can increase the growth by up to 350% compared regular automation.

You can automatically Like, Follow, Comment, Unfollow targeted audiences.

The targeting capabilities are very powerful. 

You can take a larger influencer like say Garry V, Frank Kern or Tai Lopez, if that is your niche and SocialCaptain will target your Likes, Follows and Comments to their followers.

Most of the Instagram bots out there make promises to deliver results overnight and honestly this is the wrong approach and you shouldn’t do this unless you want Instagram to ban your account.

Instagram can detect this unnatural bot behavior and if that happens, you’re done.

The team at SocialCaptain know that creating a reliable and trustworthy profile using visuals can take time and it should and that is where the AI module comes in. It learns when to post and how mush so that you get the benefits of automation but with a low risk of over use.

In my testing so far, I’ve added over 400 new followers in just 5 days to an account that only had 900 followers.

The AI-powered growth module yield results up to 150x times better than manual interaction and I saw it in action. 

Social Captain Features

  • SmartGrowth – Their SmartGrowth artificial intelligence-powered module improves with every single execution.
  • Fully customize the automation settings and target audience.
  • Advanced Targeting by usernames, hashtags and the locations you want to target.
  • Customize your settings through the dashboard.
  • Real-Time Results – Track & customize your account’s progress in real time through the web dashboard.
  • Live Analytics – Analyze the evolution of your Instagram account, export reports and more.
  • Manage multiple Instagram accounts through both the web dashboard, as well as any of the desktop apps.
  • Desktop applications for Mac, Windows and Linux
  • Average Follower Growth of 85%
  • Real, Organic Followers
  • Organic Likes & Comments
  • Live Web Platform
  • Instant Setup

Advanced Targeting by usernames, hashtags and the locations you want to target.

Choosing your targets is easy. SocialCaptain offer all the supported targeting methods:

  • Username targeting
  • Hashtag targeting
  • Location targeting

For username targeting, simply enter accounts in the same niche you’re trying to get followers from. 

For example, if you want to grow a dog food page, you would want to target large, popular dog pages in order to engage with users who’re most likely going to be a fan of your content. 

Username targeting is one of the most effective way to engage and convert, followers of competitors or similar accounts. The recommended number of accounts is around 5-10 usernames of accounts similar to yours, for optimal results. 

For hashtag targeting, you would use a similar approach. Once again, lets say you’re trying to grow a dog page.

Go on Instagram, search for #dog and a long list of popular dog hashtags will appear. You can select several hashtags from there for hashtag targeting. 

Use hashtags if you’re looking to attract traffic from a specific niche (such as: photography, fitness, entrepreneurship, affiliate marketing etc.) and want to engage with users who create content in that niche.

Lastly, location targeting is as simple as it sounds. Just target the location you want followers from — you can narrow it down to cities or go as broad as a certain country.  Great for local businesses trying to attract their community.

I don’t recommend adding broad locations (such as countries or cities) as you will most likely attract traffic that is not relevant to your niche. 

The best approach is adding specific locations (such as: gyms, restaurants, hotels, stores, etc.) where your target audience is likely to post from, in order to reach your target audience.

Filter Audience by Gender, Age, Post type, Post Like Range & Post Comments Range

Although Instagram does not provide any information in regards to the gender of a specific Instagram user, SocialCaptain’ proprietary SmartGrowth engine uses machine learning to determine the gender of Instagram users based on a wide variety of factors. 

Keep in mind that although they use cutting-edge gender detection algorithms, they are unable to precisely predict the gender of all Instagram users, so exceptions might occur especially when we don’t have enough information on the user.

In other words, tread lightly on these filters and test it out

Real-Time Results – Track & customize your account’s progress in real time through the web dashboard.

Summary of Social Captain Instagram Automation App

You can gain real Instagram followers and grow your accounts organically because of the tried and tested methods that SocialCaptain uses to increase followers and drive engagement.

This means no more having to buy likes and comments, and at the end of the day, you’ll have genuine followers that follow your Instagram page because they like your vision and want to support your brand.

The design and usability of the interface make the whole growth experience better too.

I really like this app and think you will too.

Don’t just take my word for it, take it for a test drive and see for yourself.

Get your free 3 day trial of SocialCaptain

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