Moving website and Blog from WordPress to DropFunnels – Part 1

In this video I show you how to take your existing WordPress blog and import your posts pages and media into DropFunnels.

The website I was this blog you are reading right now.

This is part one of a series about moving my entire site from word press to Drop Funnels.

I just set up a trial of drop funnels and I’m going to migrate in my WordPress blog content.

I’m going to do it slowly here because there’s only a five megabyte limit. And I’ve got a lot of posts.

So I’m taking this particular site here, my WordPress blog with 300 plus blog posts, and I’m going to migrate it into here.

So let’s get started.

What I’m going to do is start with posts.

So I’m in my WordPress site for my main homepage, and I’m going to pull out the posts.

I tried this earlier and did all content but I got up to like 13 Meg’s in my XML file, which was just too big.

I think WordPress and drop funnels because it’s built on WordPress, has a limit that’s set to five Meg’s so we’re going to do this in stages.

Right now we’re just going to try with posts so I want them all I’m going to get everything, even the draft posts. I have in there.

We’re going to download that file. So again, because I got a lot of posts, this can take a little bit of time. But there it is.

So, and again, because if you’re used to WordPress, the tools are the same. So you go to the Tools section here.

Again, this whole sidebar is very similar to WordPress because it’s built on WordPress. So you’ll notice posts, pages, and then in tools and so in tools, we’re going to select Import. And again, the built in WordPress importer is here.

All we’re going to do is run this. See there’s that maximum, maximum five megabytes, so hopefully this isn’t too big.

Well, let’s see if it’ll take it. We’ll give it a try here. Maybe it’ll work. If not, we’ll have to go back and try something different.

So first, it’s going to ask us to assign the author’s so again, I’m just putting everything to me on the only author that’s actually in the drop funnels. Want to download and import file attachments?

So this is all the pictures that are attached to those blog posts. And you want to bring all that in.

So this could take a bit of time, again, depends on Quicken is first time doing this, and we’ll see if it works.

Again, we’re six megabytes. So one megabyte over in May I just decided to timeout on us and say that’s not the agreeable size so we’ll check it out.

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Sometimes it takes a while because it’s importing a lot of content into the database. So good six, Meg’s It’s mainly text. So that’s quite a bit of text. You know, considering it’s, you know, blog posts and that kind of stuff.

Look at that it worked import WordPress have fun. So let’s go see. I’m going to go to my posts and see what’s in here. Here we are.

Look at that. All 289 and 320. So yeah, over 600 posts, it just pulled in here, kept all the tags, all the categories, I love that. Let’s just kind of view this on the CIP.

I just chose a basic template, but all of this boom, ready to go. All of these some edits to do, but really, these pulled in beautifully.

So here we’ll look at this one. I’ve got to put some navigation because I haven’t designed anything with this blog at all yet.

But again, if you look at this one here, just to compare because I haven’t built this header, but you know, there’s my title. And then you can see how it’s formatted. I actually like the text in here in the formatting.

This looks really good. Anyway, so that’s how that works. Now you can go back to your WordPress. And if you want to do you can do the same thing now for pages so you select pages, again, all the ones you want.

This one’s probably a little bit smaller. Oh, that went pretty quick. So let’s go back to tools import. Let’s run the importer on the pages. So we’re going to go back in we downloaded it, one Meg, this will be quick. So let’s do that.

I’ll put all the pages I don’t have as many pages but might as well bring them in. make myself as the author and of course download and import all the file attachments and it should be pretty quick.

It’s a sixth of the size of the last one we did and there we go. Have fun. So takes us back to the home. page. And then let’s check out what’s on our pages.

So all pages there we go, everything’s in here.

So 92 published pages brought over just like that. So as you can see right now, this is just on a Craig Cherlet drop funnels.

Now what I would do eventually here once I finish, you know, building out the site and actually getting you know, header and navigation and those things.

The idea is, you know, these slugs are the same, the migration over to this platform would be pretty quick and pretty painless.

So that’s how I got the import working. Again. Another thing I’ll show you is that it imports all the media if you go into the library, all that stuff got imported into here as well. So all your pictures, everything that was on those posts and in the media has been brought over.

Again, there’s more that you can bring, I guess it depends on what you’ve got in your particular WordPress. But here I’m going to just grab this and do a media launch here to considering been doing this since 2012.

Let’s grab all the media and see what that does. And then we’ll see if we can import that as well, just to make sure you know we’ve covered all the media, maybe there’s things I haven’t attached to a blog post or a page that was just in there.

So again, that was pretty quick. We go back to the importer, and run the importer again, choose that file. Ooh, this one’s a little bit bigger. So 5.5 hopefully this runs. This will take a little bit longer because I think these are media pictures and stuff like that.

Again, we’ll bring this in, put it under me as the author, make sure we download and import the file attachments. And we’ll see how quickly this brings everything into drop funnels. so far. I’m really liking this, you know, it’s pretty cool.

Standard It reminds me a lot of WordPress if you’ve been using WordPress you know and you’ve migrated back and forth between blogs and moved content around using the import and export, it’s the exact same thing. So very simple.

I’m liking that with drop funnels. In my next videos I’m going to dive into doing a bit more of the design and building out this particular blog and getting it launched so that I can migrate everything over to drop funnels from this website here my Craig Cherlet calm which is run on Digital Ocean right now on a virtual private server so it’s costing me considerably compared to add drop funnels is only I think 50 bucks a month.

so I’m trying this out and we’re going to see you know how well you know drop funnels is compared to you know, the standard WordPress install. Looking forward to it.

So please again, like and subscribe I hope this tutorial was helpful on how to bring in your, you know, WordPress content.

And there’s more videos on DropFunnel, sales funnels and digital marketing coming soon.


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