Instazood Review: Instagram Automation Tool

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Product Name: Instazood


Product Creator: The dev team at Instazood

Price: Starts at $9.99 and then you buy more depending on the features you want.

  • Instagram Bot 30 days $9.99
  • Auto Direct Message 30 days $15
  • Comment tracker 30 days $9.99

Recommended?: Highly recommended

What is InstaZood?

Instazood is cloud-based Instagram automation software that helps thousands of people all around the world promote their Instagram’s accounts and get more legitimate followers on Instagram.

Instazood began as a simple idea that there’s an easier way to grow your Instagram followers without all the manual work. The developers wanted efficiency and they knew we could do it faster and safer so as to not get banned by Instagram.

They created one of the best Instagram automation tools today, and it still works, despite Instagram Shutting down some of the major automation players.

What can it do?

Instazood offers all of the features you would expect from an Instagram Bot.

You can automatically Like, Follow, Comment, Unfollow, DM and Post new photos all from within the Instazood app.

Most of the Instagram bots out there make promises to deliver results overnight and honestly this is the wrong approach and you shouldn’t do this unless you want Instagram to ban your account.

Instagram can detect this unnatural bot behavior and if that happens, you’re done.

The team at Instazood knows that creating a reliable and trustworthy profile using visuals can take time and it should.

Getting Started with Instazood

To get started with Instazood bot, you need to define your targets.

Targets are groups of accounts you want to reach. Targets can be hashtags, geographical locations or other Instagram accounts.

When you use a hashtag as a target, your Instazood starts to like and follow the people who have used or liked posts with that hashtag.

This allows you to find and target the right people who are really interested in your niche.

Targets are similar to SEO keywords. If you have done work on that, use the same keywords to help grow your specific audience.

Conversion rates for each of your targets are available for you to monitor and adjust based on what is working and what’s not.

When you monitor the conversion rate of your targets, you find out which of them are converting followers better than others and this can help you decide if you should try new targets.

What do you like best?

Here are my favorite features.

Flexible Payments: I really like how easy it is to use and the flexible payments. You don’t have to spend a lot to get good results.

Instazood VIP: Another thing I love is a great feature they called VIP.  You can sign up and add your Instagram account and their VIP supporters do everything to grow your account. It’s a nice service if you have very little time. 

Support: Their support team is also great. They are always available to answer questions quickly and thoroughly.

Three days free trial: Instazood offers a 3 days trial for free that you can use to make sure that it works for you.

Multiple accounts: This is great for marketers and agencies who manage many different Instagram accounts. With Instazood, you can add as many accounts as you wish into your dashboard and manage all of them from one place.

Automatic Unfollow: Instazood allows you to unfollow your previous followings automatically. You can set the application to start unfollowing a specific number of your followings when your following number meets the following threshold. Also, you have the option to unfollow as many accounts as you want manually on Instazood the dashboard.

Comment tracker: The comment tracker this is a very useful feature that allows you to manage all your Instagram comments easily. You can see all your comments in one place and you can reply to them, mark them as important or solved all from within the Instazood app.

Scheduled post: You can easily upload your photos on Instazood dashboard from your desktop where it’s easier to created custom pictures. You can then set a time for it to be posted and Instazood will post that photo on your Instagram account. This is a great feature which shows that your Instagram account is active; even when you can’t be online.

Automatic direct message(DM): you can write a DM message to all your followers or to just a selected list of them. You can also just set it up to message just your new followers. This works perfectly for sending new follower greeting messages or for special offers, bonuses or discounts.

Instagram Statistics: Your dashboard provides you with statistics of your Instazood bot events and actions within different periods of time.

White list – Black list: when you put an account is in your white list, Instazood will never unfollow that account automatically. When you put an account on your black list, Instazood will never interact with that account. This is useful if you want to make sure you limit the automation actions you setup based on targets.

What do you dislike?

Overall, Instazood is a great Instagram automation tool. Here are a few of my dislikes.

User Interface: It can take a little bit of time to figure out the user interface but once you get it, it’s pretty easy to use.

Instagram Ban: I don’t have much bad to say about Instazood. It does what it says but I’m waiting for the day they get shut down too.

Review Summary

Overall, Instazood is a great Instagram automation tool but like I said above, I’m just waiting for the day they get shut down too by Instagram.

Until then, Instazood is still alive and working as one of the best Instagram Automation tools out there.

Last modified: July 31, 2017

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