About Me

Hi, I’m Craig Cherlet and welcome to my website.

I’m an internet entrepreneur, life, and business coach, with a serious obsession with living a life of growth and fulfillment. I’m a proud dad to three amazing kids that motivate me every day to keep learning and growing.

I’m also the founder of the Entrepreneur Accelerator, a coaching company focused on building passive income systems for internet entrepreneurs.

I’m passionate about teaching and helping others achieve success on their path to a better life with time and money freedom.

This website is my way to help others live the life they want and deserve through self-development. I discuss topics including mindset & emotions, health & fitness, relationships & parenting, passive income & building an online business.

My mission is to help others create their own best life by sharing my experiences and knowledge on how to develop a growth mindset and how to use the internet to create an income that can power their goals and dreams.

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My Story

Ever since I was a little kid, I loved to help people and watch them succeed through challenging experiences. In junior high, I was asked to join Natural Helpers, a peer-helping program that provided me with training to recognize when my peers may be struggling so I could help them either get through it or seek help from an adult.

It taught me a lot about the value of listening, tolerance, inclusion, and empathy and to this day, I still see myself as a natural helper and used these skills to get to where I am today.

I didn’t have it easy growing up. I had all of the great things a middle-class family had but when I was about 10 years old I was sexually abused and it changed the course of my life and set me on a path of self-destruction and eventually serious depression.

It wasn’t until my early 20s that I faced that traumatic experience head on and began a journey of self-discovery, recovery and rebuilding. It was a very difficult time but since then, my life has dramatically improved and I learned so many new skills on how to evolve the brain and overcome a lifetime of pain and hurt.

Through all the challenges, I still knew at a young age that I was an entrepreneur. 

From my first lemonade stand to a lawn cutting business before I was 11 years old, to joining Junior Achievement and creating a company called UnBeadable.

It was here I started to learn the details of business models and what it takes to start and grow a business. 


I love to create products and services that solve problems for others.

My first computer was a TRS-80. Yes, that’s a tape deck.

That’s where data was stored back then. Hilarious, I know. 🙂

I used this machine to play games mostly since there really was no commercial internet to log on too. Eventually, I got myself a PC commuter and dove head first into the information age.

Since then, I’ve been blessed to have worked on hundreds of projects in every industry imaginable. I have built hundreds of websites and marketing campaigns for small business clients, helped billion dollar companies and governments to launch products and build and modify multi-million dollar applications.

This experience has helped me develop unique skills in product development, marketing, sales, project management and in developing win-win relationships.

I’ve started and built over 10 online businesses, consulted with some of Canada’s largest multi-billion dollar organizations and have helped countless entrepreneurs around the globe solve big problems and reach their goals and dreams. I have made lots of money too but more importantly, I’ve had a positive impact on thousands of people around the world.

I’ve been successful and have experience in several online business models, including selling physical products on eBay and Shopify, ecommerce, affiliate marketing, creating and selling information products, coaching and consulting, and many others.

In 2013, I decided it was time to start sharing my knowledge, passion, successes, and failures in business with the intention to truly help others overcome their challenges and create a life of happiness, growth and lasting fulfillment.

My Growth Mindset

I love to learn anything that can help me be healthier, happier, faster, smarter and simply a better human being. I’ve consumed hundreds of books and tested, reviewed and used hundreds of software applications. I’ve been to events, seminars and taken numerous online training courses on sales, marketing, technology, leadership, management, and self-development. I’m continuously working to improve and develop as a professional and as a person.

I truly believe that the best investment anyone can make is in themselves. This strategy has worked for me and it can work for anyone.

My Personal Life

I live on the west coast of Canada in British Columbia and love it here. It’s a beautiful and inspiring place to live. Getting out into nature and going on adventures is one of my favorite things to do.

I’m a mountain biker, a snowboarder and all round adventure seeker that gets outside into nature at every possible moment.

I’m a proud dad of three amazing kids and have the best co-parent partner anyone could ask for. Family is so important to me and so is my kids and future and their growth. I’m teaching them to create the best life for themselves and helping guide them through life so they too can create a life of growth an abundance. When ever I work on projects, I think of them as my primary audience and try to create content, products and services that could help them achieve their goals and dreams.

Ready to start building a life of growth and fulfillment?

I strongly believe that anyone can master this life and create lasting growth and fulfillment but only when one makes a choice and commits themselves to set goals and focus daily on reaching them.

I get motivated by seeing others succeed in business and in life and will try and do my part and share what I know that might work for you.

If you are ready, let me show you how to start an online business and start living the life you want and deserve. Click here.

I’m always open to your questions and comments.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to having a chance to serve you!

Craig Cherlet

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