4 alternative ways to make money with affiliate marketing instead of blogging

If you’re looking for other ways to make money with affiliate marketing instead of blogging, then this post is for you.

There are multiple ways to do affiliate marketing besides just blogging.

Blogging is the most popular because it’s the least expensive way to get started. All you need is a simple $5 a month hosting account and WordPress and you can start earning money as an affiliate marketer.

However, because it’s so easy, there are millions of people doing it and competition in your niche is important to analyze and pay attention to.

If you don’t want to start a blog, there are other ways that you can be successful at affiliate marketing.

Here are a couple of other approaches to affiliate marketing.

1) Youtube channel

Create a YouTube channel, build an audience and monetize the audience with affiliate products. You can put links below your videos or in the videos to the products or services that you are reviewing, recommending and talking about.

The videos that work the best are when you are teaching someone something and the product you are promoting helps the viewer solve the problem.

2) Email Newsletter

Build an email newsletter. A friend of mine built an executive brief email list call YouExec. They provide information to help people with their career by interviewing Fortune 100 executives, reading 100s of editorials and then only sending resources that will help develop peoples careers.

They have a simple web page with a form to collect email addresses and deliver a very compelling newsletter that has excellent content for their target audience of professionals. They’ve now built up the list to the point where it’s over a hundred thousand emails now and they monetize with affiliate marketing products.

3) Sales funnel & paid ads

You can build sales funnels and fill the funnel with traffic through paid ads. In this scenario, you’re paying for traffic to hit a landing page that squeezes visitors to give you their email. You then redirect them to the product that you’re promoting. You can also remarket to these people who have given you their email address to sell the same product or different products.

4) Sponsor a niche email newsletter

You can buy sponsorship in existing niche email newsletters and add an advertisement to your affiliate product. You can also buy email lists and send your own email copy too. A platform like Paved can help you find publishing partners that match your affiliate products audience.

In Closing

Affiliate marketing is no different than marketing any other product. When you find the product-market fit you will generate profit.

To do that you have to have the right audience, the right message, the right sales funnel and the right product for it all to work.

The one tip I tend to give most new affiliate marketers is, focus on the strategy more than you focus on the tactics.

Before you can do all the tactics you really have to know your audience and the messaging you’re going to use in your copy.

Get this part right and all the tactics are easy.

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