25 quotes from successful entrepreneurs to get you motivated

I’ve heard it a million times… “how do I stay motivated?”

Staying motivated is a challenge for so many people. We live in an age where mental health is a huge epidemic. People struggle daily with just getting out of bed and getting on with life.

Most of us are not taught about goals, purpose, and self-motivation.

For me, the best way to stay motivated in a sustainable way is to have a purpose and Big Hairy Audacious Goals(BHAG).

Here are just some of my big hairy audacious goals.

  1. I want to live a healthy, to be older than 120 years
  2. I want to make over $100,000 a month
  3. I want to help a million entrepreneurs start and grow businesses
  4. I want to have complete control of my time and have an abundance of money to enjoy it.

These huge goals help me when I get up in the morning to remind me to keep going and telling me; “You can do this!”

Another thing I like to do is look to those more successful than me and see what they think when it comes to motivation.

Here are some of my favorite motivation quotes from some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs.

I hope they help you get un-stuck and help propell you forward through whatever challeng you are facing with motivating yourself.

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